Innovative and agile partner

The Mallaskoski brewery from Seinäjoki draws its inspiration for brewing beer from the gloom of the Ostrobothnian soul landscape: in Mallaskoski, the sun doesn’t shine, life isn’t rosy and small talk is considered overrated.
In 2021, it will be 100 years since Johan Wallenius, the founder of the Mallaskoski brewery, started brewing beer on the shores of the roaring rapids. The relentless beers of Mallaskoski are still made along the same icy rapids, using the same traditional yeast, with the same relentless attitude to life – handmade and without additives.
The brewery stays strongly on the edge of time with continuous, active and innovative product development. At the heart of the doing is the consistency of the high-quality and diverse product range.
At Mallaskoski Brewery, history, professionalism and versatility combine with a strong desire to keep going for another 100 years.

Mallaskoski Brewery joined the Momentin family in 2009. Find out more about Mallaskoski Brewery through the link above



Master Brewer Jyri Ojaluoma
+358 40 961 5663

Product Manager Daniel Wallenius
+358 40 662 1499